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Brent Crews wins second CARS Tour race in slugfest at Caraway

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Author: Matt Weaver

Date: July 4, 2024

It was an equal opportunity kind of night in the CARS Tour race at Caraway Speedway.

Everyone got a chance to use the bumper, everyone received the bumper, and the Firecracker 125 was determined by who used the bump-and-run last.

That was Brent Crews in an absolute slugfest of a finish that included fellow championship contenders Connor Hall, Carson Kvapil … and to a lesser extent, Daytona 500 winner William Byron making a one-off appearance for JR Motorsports.

Kevin Harvick was in attendance and viewed the race from both a series co-owner standpoint but also the car owner and agency representative of Crews.

Harvick, for one, said ‘we are spoiled by the CARS Tour every week’ and that ‘Crews is really really good and he will be racing on Sundays before too long.’ He also said he didn’t see anything wrong with how the leaders raced each other and that he would let the drivers police themselves on this matter.

Crews, flanked by little buddy Keelan, says he’s grateful and appreciative for Harvick’s support and belief.

“It’s really cool to have someone like that in your corner,” Crews said. “We spent, gosh, an hour before the race talking about how to save tires and that’s what he did so well. To be able to pick his brain all the time, it’s crucial, and has helped me a bunch.”

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